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Wilson McShane Corporation
3001 Metro Drive, Suite 500
Bloomington, MN 55425

Phone: (952) 854-0795
Toll Free: (800) 535-6373
Fax: (952) 854-1632

Email: UFCW 1189 Benefits

Wilson McShane Corporation - Duluth
2002 London Rd, Suite 300
Duluth, MN 55812

Phone: (218) 728-4231
Toll Free: (877) 752-3863 (FUND)
Fax: (218) 728-4773

Northern MN-WI Area Retail Clerks (Duluth) Email: Northern MN-WI Area Retail Clerks (Duluth) Benefits


Keeping You Current

Experiencing some of life’s challenges? Visit TEAM, the Plan’s Employee Assistance Program for support with many items, some of which include: Alcohol or Drug Problems, Depression/Anxiety, Behavioral Concerns, Relationship Challenges, Family/Parenting Issues, Grief and Loss, Stress Management, Job-Related Difficulties