General Information

About Your Healthcare Plan

Today a working person’s life is far more complicated than ever before. In addition to the responsibilities of getting and holding a job, most workers are vitally concerned about planning for some degree of financial security in a fast moving world.

Some of a family’s needs such as the purchase of a home, major appliances or a car can be financed over time. Other needs, such as education for the children or security in one’s old age, can be provided only through a careful savings plan. In other words, advance planning is required in order to take care of these needs.

However, no amount of personal financial planning can, by itself, provide adequate protection for major financial problems caused by illness or injury.

To help meet these needs, for you and your fellow workers, your Employer and the Union have established a Plan, which provides a specific, dependable plan of health and welfare benefits. Since it’s beginning in 1976, the Plan has been managed in order to provide the best benefits possible consistent with sound financial management.

The Plan, known as the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local #1189 and St. Paul Food Employers Health Care Plan, was established and is maintained as a result of Collective Bargaining Agreements (sometimes referred to as “labor contracts”) between Employers and the Union.

The Plan receives the majority of its income through Employer contributions as required under the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreements. In some cases, Employees are permitted to make self-contributions in order to maintain eligibility for Benefits. The Plan also receives income from investments.

A joint Board of Trustees, which is comprised of an equal number of Employer representatives and Union representatives, makes decisions on Plan operations. Working together, the Trustees establish rules of eligibility, levels of benefits, supervise the investment of the Plan’s money and see that the Fund is in compliance with all applicable federal and state laws.

This, then, is a brief description of how your Plan was established, its purpose and how it operates. Please refer to your Plan SPD for a description on how you and your family become eligible for Benefits from the Plan and what your responsibilities are under the Plan. Of course, if you have any questions about the Plan, please feel free to contact the Plan Office. The staff will gladly answer your questions.